Match Draw/Results
All Matches, All Grades, AYR, 1st Inns. Only
Team1 Team2 Round Date Grade Ground Type Winner
AYR 103/7 PRESTWICK 35/3   02-Sep-1979 FRE DOON 1inn No result
AYR 8/1 DRUMPELLIER 79/7   13-Aug-1979 WLC DOON T20 No result
KILMARNOCK 139/5 AYR 89/8   11-Aug-1979 UNION KILLIE 1inn Match Drawn
AYR 144/4 BRADFORD MOOR 149/2   08-Aug-1979 FRE DOON 1inn BRADFORD MOOR Win by 8 wkts
NEWCASTLE 200/2 AYR 85/10   07-Aug-1979 FRE DOON 1inn NEWCASTLE Win by 115 runs
AYR 125/10 KIDDERMINSTER CASU 104/10   02-Aug-1979 FRE DOON 1inn AYR Win by 21 runs
POLOC 165/7 AYR 112/7   21-Jul-1979 UNION POLOC 1inn Match Drawn
AYR 93/4 CLYDESDALE 92/6   04-Jul-1979 WLC DOON 1inn AYR Win by 6 wkts
FERGUSLIE 65/7 AYR 110/7   02-Jul-1979 WLC FER 1inn AYR Win by 45 runs
AYR 120/4 EDINBURGH ACCIES 116/9   01-Jul-1979 FRE DOON 1inn AYR Win by 6 wkts
GREENOCK 96/3 AYR 94/10   30-Jun-1979 UNION GREEN 1inn GREENOCK Win by 7 wkts
AYR 149/3 KILMARNOCK 130/5   27-Jun-1979 WLC DOON 1inn AYR Win by 19 runs
AYR 192/6 GLASGOW ACCIES 188/8   24-Jun-1979 FRE DOON 1inn AYR Win by 4 wkts
AYR 147/5 WEST OF SCOTLAND 144/7   23-Jun-1979 UNION DOON 1inn AYR Win by 5 wkts
AYR 147/6 GALASHEILS 96/10   17-Jun-1979 FRE DOON 1inn AYR Win by 51 runs
CLYDESDALE 102/7 AYR 146/7   16-Jun-1979 UNION CLYDES 1inn Match Drawn
AYR 100/10 DUNFERMLINE 101/2   10-Jun-1979 FRE DOON 1inn DUNFERMLINE Win by 8 wkts
HILLHEAD 134/5 AYR 128/6   03-Jun-1979 FRE HILLHEA 1inn Match Drawn
AYR 103/9 KELBURNE 103/7   02-Jun-1979 UNION DOON 1inn Match Tied
AYR 145/8 HELENSBURGH 104/10   27-May-1979 FRE DOON 1inn AYR Win by 41 runs
DRUMPELLIER 153/5 AYR 57/9   26-May-1979 UNION DRUMPS 1inn Match Drawn
KELBURNE 102/0 AYR 101/2   23-May-1979 WLC KELB 1inn KELBURNE Win by 10 wkts
WEST OF SCOTLAND 138/2 AYR 82/9   21-May-1979 ROWAN WOS 1inn WEST OF SCOTLAND Win by 56 runs
AYR 141/9 KILMARNOCK 121/9   09-May-1979 UNION DOON 1inn Match Drawn
AYR 170/7 IRVINE 112/10   24-Apr-1979 FRE DOON 1inn AYR Win by 58 runs
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